Welcome to Coalpail.com

CoalPail.com is the new home of the coal forum formerly found at Nepacrossroads.com. The front page is little sparse at the moment but that will change over the coming months. Many new features and impovements to old ones will be added to Coalpail.com. Some of things coming include the following.

  • A list of common common terms and words used for coal related products.
  • A free business directory for business's that sell or service coal related products. This will be quite extensive including maps, filters for your area and coordinates among other things.
  • A catalog of coal related products. This will not be for selling products but used to get information to you. Specifications and other information particularly for boilers, stoves etc.

The Coal forum which was the heart and soul of Nepcrossroads.com has already been updated and available. You can login with same username and password if you already have one. If you are not a registered member come join the discussion. Full details of the new features and improvements for the forum can be found in the Forum News section.

Anthracite & Bituminous Coal Forum- Residential & Commercial Heating

The Fuel Comparison Calculator for Home Heating is online and also updated.

Fuel Comparison Calculator for Home Heating

The major improvement over the old version is live calculations, you no longer need to submit values. The calculations for cost per 100 million BTU will automatically update as you change values. More fuel types have been added and you can even find out what it would cost to burn money. :) This is currently a work in progress and the following things will be added or improved.

  • Custom adjustment for what is displayed under the Cost per 100 million BTU column. Currently it's fixed value and this should be adjustable.
  • Display only common fuels on startup with the ability to hide or unhide fuels for easier readability.
  • Better integration for air and ground sourced heat pumps, the current method for efficiency is less than desirable.
  • A species options and moisture content for wood.
  • A standalone downloadable version that can be used on a local computer.
  • Integrate a heat loss calculation.

Comments whether they are good, bad or ugly always welcome.