Weightmaster Certificate for Bulk Coal Sales

A weighmaster certificate also called a weight slip or weight ticket certifies the weight of a product like coal that is sold in loose bulk by weight. In Pennsylvanian and most other states it's the law that this certificate accompany any sale of bulk product sold by weight. This may also be used as an invoice but but does not have to be. It's quite common in the coal industry where a dealer will have a certificate without the price marked and be providing their own separate invoice.

This certificate must be given to the final customer. When a truck first enters a coal yard they will first go on the scale to get the light or tare weight. Once the truck is loaded it will again be pulled on the scale to get the total or gross weight. The difference between these two weights is the net weight or the total weight of the product on the truck. For the coal delivery business since a truck may have many compartments the ticket for each compartment will have different tare and gross weights. For example if a truck with 2 compartments pulls on the scale empty with a tare weight of 15,000 lbs. and then proceeds to put 2 tons of product in one compartment the gross weight for that ticket will be 19,000 lbs.

This certificate is either mechanically printed or can be hand written. There are usually four copies. A top copy or the original that is for the customer purchasing the coal, this copy will have the original print or ink if hand printed. Another copy is provided to the dealer and up two more, on for the scale and one for the office. The copy for the scale or record of the sale must be retained.

A certificate should contain the following items:

  • Full Address of the scale
  • Date and Time of Weighing
  • License plate number on the truck/trailer
  • Seller: Dealers Name and Address Name
  • Purchaser: Address of the Final Customer
  • Size of the Coal
  • Weigtmasters Signature and License Number
  • Tare Weight, Net Weight and Gross Weight