EFM Trivets Collection with Texts and Translations

EFM trivets were first issued in 1953 and that practice continues to the present. They are given to employees, EFM dealers and friends.

The texts are a mixture of broken English and Pennsylvanian Dutch that commemorates the heritage EFM's founder.

Emmaus Foundry And Machine Co. Inc. Emmaus PA
Emmaus Foundry And Machine Co. Inc. Emmaus PA
ACH! Don't Talk So Dumb
OH, Don't Talk So Dumb
I Speak English Yet
I can Speak English
Make The Lights Out
Turn the Lights Out
We Grow To Soon Old And To Late Smart
We Get Older Before We Smarter
It Just Don't Make
It Doesn't Work
It Won't Be Now Long
It Won't Be Long Now
Jump The Fence Over
Jump Over The Fence
Late It Is Already
It Is already Late
Make With A Smile For Once
Smile For Once
Come The Hind Way Around
Come In the Back Way
Bump The Bell Don't Make
The Bell Is Broken
Tie The Dog Loose
Let The Dog Loose
Saag Nix Un Saeg Hols
Say Nothing and Chop Wood
My! You Look Good in the Face
You Look Pretty in the Face
Ach Du Liever
Oh My Goodness
Kissin Wears Out, Cookin' Don't
Young Love May Pass But A Good Doesn't
Des Is Ower Guud
This is Very Good
Let's Walk the Street Down
Let's Walk Down the Street
EFM 1947 Gross Donk - 25 Years 1972
EFM 1947 Many Thanks - 25 Years 1972
Wos Comma Doo
What Can We do?
For What You Look At Me?
Why Do You Look At Me?
Freiheit Fer Oll Die Leit
Freedom For All The People
Ains Udder's Onner!
One Or The Other
Sweep The Stairs Down
Sweep The Stairs
Snitz Pie Is Ower Good
Dried Apples Are Very Good
Der Besht Blotz In Der Welt - Home Sweet Home
The Best Place In The World - Home Sweet Home
Ach Sie Iss Ferhext
Are You Hexed?
Des Grieles Mier
This Shakes Me Up
Now, Geb Du En Shtorie
Here's A Story
Viel Gluck Fur Alle
Good Luck For All
Bessere Zeide Koomt
Better Things Are Coming
Kom Mol Widder Zurick
Come Back Again
Weiss Net Was Gute Iss
You don't know What Good Is
Heim Iss Wu Die Hotz Iss
Home is Where the Heart Is
Wasser Ivver Da Dam
Water Over the Dam
Dummel Dich Bissel
Hurry Up a Little Bit
Wie Gehts Alle Weil
How is it Going Right Now?
Sie Net So Schooslich
Don't Be So Careless
Uff Der Alt Bauerie
Up On The Farm
Du Liegst Mirim Herzen
You Lie in My Heart
Wu Iss Die Zeit Gange
Where has the Time gone?
Der Kieh Heem Kumme
The Cows Are Coming Home
1922 Our 75th Year 1997
1922 Our 75th Year 1997
Denk Es Gest Rege
Think It's Going To Rain
Schnee Is Am Schmelse
Snow Is Melting
Sis Zu Nix Gegance
It Has Come to Naught
Und Noch Eens
And One More
Schay Karrich
Pretty Church
Meer Gly Hame
We're Soon Home
Ess Is Stite PA De Coo Melka
Time to Milk the Cow
Huch Dich He Und Ruck
Sit Down and Rest
Unser Oldar Kich A Uffa
Our Old Kitchen Stove
De Wesh Is Drucka
En Leerer Schuppkaich
Iwwerdemich Bin Faddich
You Get Me All Ferhuddled
You Get Me All Messed Up