Warm Morning 617a Naval Jelly residue problem.

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Post by abornox » Sun. Jan. 29, 2023 9:19 pm

Bought a Warm Morning 617a off Craigslist for my garage. Stove is in excellent shape just needing cosmetic clean up on outside to get rid of surface rust. I wired wheeled the heavy rust then applied Rust-Oleum rust dissolver naval jelly to get rid of the rest. After applying and wiping down, a white powdery film now covers wherever the navel jelly was applied. I have tried all the recommended methods to get rid of this and it keeps coming back. I scrubbed it down with baking soda and water to neutralize the Phosphoric Acid in the naval jelly, then rinsed with hot water, but the white powder came back when dry. I applied mineral spirits and wiped clean and followed that by using a scotch bright pad dipped in denatured alcohol and scrubbed the whole thing, but the white powder still appears when dry. I am planning on applying stove polish once cleaned up, but I'm holding off on doing anything else hoping someone on here can offer any suggestions.

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