Switch from coal to wood

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Post by Soccer918843 » Fri. Jan. 13, 2023 10:37 pm

I have a hitzer 608 in basement I plan to keep and I have a Harman dvc 500 in garage which is 1600sq ft I only use it when I’m out there working every couple of days or say. Question would wood provide a quicker heat then the coal by the time I light it and get it going it takes half the day to warm up with the Harman? Would wood provide a quicker hotter heat? Harman doesn’t seem to have the power to move the air like the hitzer does and I can cut the wood for free thanks

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Post by davidmcbeth3 » Sat. Jan. 14, 2023 3:04 am

I can get my 503 hitzer to kick out the heat in one hour from empty stove/room temp.. never had wood stove

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Post by waytomany?s » Sat. Jan. 14, 2023 6:43 am

If you're only out there for a couple hours at a time, wood would be more economical. the coal once running would be best kept going. Either way with that kind of space you would want to start your fires.well in advance.

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Post by Rob R. » Sat. Jan. 14, 2023 7:16 am

For an occasional blast of heat, I would choose a wood stove.

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Post by Coalblooded » Mon. Sep. 11, 2023 11:28 pm

When i had a coal fire it would take a few hours to get everything warm, (hot air furnace) but the wood heats up so fast it will be pushing heat in 20-30 min with ash/white oak

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