Where Do You Get Your Bituminous Coal and a Going Price?

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Post by europachris » Mon. Aug. 30, 2021 1:50 pm

Mobile-tech1 wrote:
Wed. Aug. 25, 2021 8:27 pm
Looking for a source for bit in northern IL I’m just about an hour from the wis boarder
Last time I bought some (almost 10 years ago now) I had to drive down to S. Illinois and went to Knight Hawk Coal: http://knighthawkcoal.com/. They were one of the few places that A) had stoker coal and B) sold to the public.

There's a mine down around Peoria (or maybe north of Bloomington) I believe, but have no idea if they sell to the public.

You're not going to find anything closer unless maybe it's something specialized like blacksmithing coal. I don't know where the steam tractor people or the Illinois Railway Museum obtain steam coal, but it wouldn't help me any since I need stoker size. With all the coal powerplant closings as well as the University system switching over from coal to natural gas, the demand for stoker size has all but disappeared.


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Post by Mobile-tech1 » Mon. Aug. 30, 2021 4:10 pm

Yeah I hear ya , I was asking one of the guys showing he’s steamer a couple weeks ago , all he knew is the have a truck load brought up from southern IL around the time of the sycamore show,I forgot about the train museum in union IL , I might have to pay them a vIsit place I used to wrench for hauled oversized we brought a few pieces over to that museum

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