NY WC-90 NOT a Stoker?

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So, a person stoking a fire by hand loading is not a stoker? :)

We have a WC-90 on order. We live in northern Maine and own some property, and wood is also available locally. So, we will be going with whatever is easiest and cheapest each season. We are starting with coal because we have not stockpiled any cord would to date. We will be plumbing the new boiler in line with the existing oil furnace to supply both BB and domestic HW.

First question- with that size unit (WC-90), how long between adding fuel (coal)? Can I put enough in to get through the night before bed? (we generally keep the thermostat low at night). Then, load it up in the AM for showers, house heat, etc., and leave it all day, until 6 PM? It can get VERY cold in northern Maine, say 30 BELOW at times. :) Any thoughts?...

I have lots of questions about best way to exhaust new boiler and ways to capture heat for HW tank. We have a tankless system now with a coil in the oil furnace. I will post these accordingly in other Topic areas.

Any feedback, pictures and advice would be helpful.



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