Hytec Systems Inc. Hydra Fire Coal Boiler

If you are in need of a more conventional heating solution that requires no power look no further. Unlike an automated stoker boiler these units do not require power to generate heat. They can be set up wiith pumps like a typical boiler or a gravity fed sytem insuring heat during power failures. Models include many New Yorker coal boilers, EFM WCB-24 and others. Some of these units can also burn wood.
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I managed to clean off a name plate to find that it was made in 1981 in Mansfield Mass. Hi all. Installed this about 27 yrs ago. It runs in parrallel with my oil burner. It basically keeps the Burnham oil burner warm. I only burned coal in it once when new but ended up always burning wood instead. I usually just burn wood in my old Tempwood in my living room but with the $$ of oil I am considering using coal in the boiler. Its all pretty new to me. The boiler has a shaker grate, a firebox about 1ft. x2ft. x 8" high (aprox). It is basically a water jacket around a firebox. It has honeywell thermostat controls for circulation of water to the oil burner with a small circulating pump, a low temp setting thermostat which opens a damper at the bottom rear below the firebox. It has a high temp thermostat to close the damper when the temp of the water is reached. It has a safety thermostat that opens and dumps hot water into 1 of the heating zones if the water temp gets to high. Other than 2 small3/16" diameter holes on the front of the door that can allow a minimal amount of air over the fire - all air enters under the fire below the grate. Its in a chimney that has about 30 ft of flue above the entry point where the metal chimney pipe enters the masonry. I need to replace the damper rotary control as it is stuck in the closed position. I have found this part available but I can't find any more info on a Hydra fire. Lost all the paperwork on it. Internet searches come up totally empty. There are some Hydra hits but they are unrelated to this stove. Company must have gone out of business years ago I guess?
Any help, info suggestions for this coal newbie? Plan on trying 1 ton anthracite (bags). Cost is around $230/ton in my area in Mass.May not be cheap but oil is 4.20/gal.
Great forum here BTW.

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