Central Boiler FORGE 3500 Outdoor Coal Boiler

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Lightning wrote:
Fri. Dec. 21, 2018 6:10 pm
He's just making due with what he's got. He plans on making it better, soon.
Best Wishes to a Happy Outcome for the Lad. :)

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Post By: Welshons1309 » Wed. Jan. 23, 2019 8:14 pm

I have the same boiler. It all depends on what coal he is burning. Bituminous or anthracite. I have burnt both in mine. Anthracite works better for me because I am gone for more then 10 hours a day and can’t poke the coal down when it cakes up with the bituminous coal. If you’re burning bituminous soft coal you want to keep the original factory settings in the firestar controler. Setting 10 at 70 setting 11 at 15 setting 12 at 0 and setting 13 at 75. Burning anthracite is a bit more complicated and more playing around with the settings. What settings work for me when burning anthracite setting 10 at 75 setting 11 at 1 setting 12 at 25 on a bit warmer days I bump it down to 23 and setting 13 at 0. I hope this helps you alittle bit

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Post By: TJBender » Sat. Feb. 02, 2019 3:08 pm

After reading through this thread I started looking at the central boiler website and videos. There was a good one where they power purge the system back to the boiler using domestic water pressure. The highest point in the system has to be the boiler...since the top of it is open to the atmosphere.

I seen where multiple times it was suggested in this thread that air could be in the system, but also understand that the amount of radiation is also insufficient. I think you could rule out any air issues if the power purge procedure in their video is followed.

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