New Yorker Wood/Coal Stove

If you are in need of a more conventional heating solution that requires no power look no further. Unlike an automated stoker boiler these units do not require power to generate heat. They can be set up wiith pumps like a typical boiler or a gravity fed sytem insuring heat during power failures. Models include many New Yorker coal boilers, EFM WCB-24 and others. Some of these units can also burn wood.
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Post Tue. Dec. 06, 2005 10:53 pm

Was wondering if anyone has this type of stove and experience burning coal with it. This is my first year burning coal and still in the learning stages with it. Could use any helpful information as I am having a hard time keeping it going and keeping the water temp up. [/list]


Post Thu. Dec. 15, 2005 9:20 am

Do you mean it is a boiler that runs on gas or coal?
Any of the service people in your area should be able to help you set the stove up for proper operation.
What type of stove do you have?

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Post Thu. Dec. 15, 2005 5:53 pm

If your not loading it up fully try that, make sure you don't overfire it. Before it gets going at decent rate turn the draft down. Keep in mind what you do now won't take affect for a while.

Besides that you'll need to provide more info on exactly what your doing.
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