February 2013 Coal Consumption

If you are in need of a more conventional heating solution that requires no power look no further. Unlike an automated stoker boiler these units do not require power to generate heat. They can be set up wiith pumps like a typical boiler or a gravity fed sytem insuring heat during power failures. Models include many New Yorker coal boilers, EFM WCB-24 and others. Some of these units can also burn wood.
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Post Sat. Mar. 02, 2013 2:06 pm

1600 lbs for Feb.....6700 lbs so far for the year. Thats with a 1300 sq ft ranch and an equal size basement, which im not "heating" intentionally, as the koker just resides there and does a great job of putting out radiant heat. Thermo is set at 72-73 and basement stays around 68. Plus we live on a hill where the wind is absolutely brutal! Id be in over my head if I were still using oil.

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I'm looking like I'll get through to mid April with what's left in the bin. I cut back to one stove yesterday also. Let the cookstove go out. I'll give that a needed shopvac'in and have it on standby if need be but for now, the 116 is heating the whole house as long as the temps stay in 30's or high 20's nights.

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Post Fri. Apr. 12, 2013 6:58 am

9200 lbs for the year, 6 months of keeping our 2000sf house at 74 degrees, shut her down last week.

$1000 in fuel, how can you beat it?

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