Anticipated Coal Consumption Vs. Temp. & Degree Days

If you are in need of a more conventional heating solution that requires no power look no further. Unlike an automated stoker boiler these units do not require power to generate heat. They can be set up wiith pumps like a typical boiler or a gravity fed sytem insuring heat during power failures. Models include many New Yorker coal boilers, EFM WCB-24 and others. Some of these units can also burn wood.
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OK Larry, thanks :) I thought I should mention that for the month of November I added up the actual heated degrees for each day.. Thats how I arrived at 1066 heated degrees :D

But at any rate, I understand the concept now and it should be interesting to see how heated degrees line up with the amount of coal used as we get further into the heating season. I still haven't put plastic on the windows yet either :lol:

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