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If you are in need of a more conventional heating solution that requires no power look no further. Unlike an automated stoker boiler these units do not require power to generate heat. They can be set up wiith pumps like a typical boiler or a gravity fed sytem insuring heat during power failures. Models include many New Yorker coal boilers, EFM WCB-24 and others. Some of these units can also burn wood.
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I thought they would stand behind the Samson valve and chain . They charged me $132.00 , If I wanted to try the air vent blower kit , that was another $230.00. Now on the domestic coil leaking they did tell me to crank it as hard as I could and goop it good ,wrap it with teflon also. They also said they are prone to leak when the boiler is not up to temp. and they are right. I did that twice. No fun moving a 1200lb boiler away from the wall. I added additional SS stack, purchased a digital manometer documented all readings, purchased coal three other dealers. What more can I say. I want to finish my boiler room and block up the sides for my bathroom in this new building before summer is here!
I have yet to hear any one praise the performance of the DS boiler or show me documentation of the BTU output or recovery of the unit. Heck I have not even seen a installation or operation manual . I have searched the web ,talk to people and have spent more $$$ than I paid for the boiler. I always say if you throw enough money and time on something it will work. I think I may be wrong on this one. I do not want to say the boiler may not work for someone, heck I gotta sell it. :roll:


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I do not want to say the boiler may not work for someone, heck I gotta sell it. :roll:
Right, but you at least need to say that it didn't work for you. Have you asked the dealer to take the boiler back? If they refuse, I would tell them you next step is a lawyer. You bought an appliance advertised to burn hard nut coal, and the dealer was unable to get it to perform as advertised.

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AS you posted above some place earlier

The Salesman said it would work

So ask him to make good on his claim

or :shock:

BTW - have I suggested in the past that some salesman are less than forthright?
When you turn your boiler on -Does it return the favor?
I have finally lost my mind. Don't bother to return it. It wasn't working properly anyway!

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