Partially burned coal headache

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Hand Fed Coal Boiler: Trianco 60
Coal Size/Type: Anthracite beans

Post by carlosmanwellos » Sat. Sep. 23, 2023 11:02 am

Hi all im so glad I found a forum to discuss this, as I am really stressed out about what decision to make.
I have a Trianco 60
Self loading coal burner.
Burning anthracite beans.
however the beans aren't as good as they used to be, so they are not burning
so well leaving quite a bit of unburned coal in the pan. Id say at an average 60/40 not burned ratio!

Now as a result I have kept a large amount of partially burned coal and my dilemma and the winter lies before me.

A) I wonder if it's worth the time taken to riddle the good still black coal out of each bag? currently littering the back garden.
A1 shall I wet the coal? Aim here is to this reduce the dust and clean the coal so it burns better ?!
B) Just get rid. which begs the Q who takes coal as the recycle centre rejected it "the dust is apparently hazardous"

Excuse me if iv'e missed the obvious! Any advice would be greatly received. Cost of living as it is id rather be as efficient as possible.😊

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Post by davidmcbeth3 » Sat. Sep. 23, 2023 12:16 pm

I would first check to see if all the air intakes in the device are able to bring air into the firebox. I think the appliance has primary and secondary air intake. Also with the exhaust as well. To prevent further unburned coal. As well as the feeding of the coal. Job #1 - stop making more.

How well coal that has been exposed to a firebox will burn is a question. Others may chime in.

I would guess recovering unburned coal would be a labor heavy task. ... e=5#manual

The device can burn either bean or grains sized coal..."The TRG boiler is designed to burn anthracite grains
and beans."

Perhaps try running the grains size and see if that helps ?

Not knowing what Carlos has done to mitigate the unburnt coal and their effects is limiting our understanding.

As for going through and re-capturing the unburnt coal contained within the ash . Perhaps find a solvent or liquid with the density that is higher than that of coal but lower of that of ash will allow Carlos to strain out the coal from the surface when a batch of ash/unburned coal is dumped into the liquid ? shows a float/sink test..noting coal density at about 1.2

This leaves the choice of solvents to ones that are likely not suitable. See charts ... the chlorinated products have low viscosity and maybe useful but most will likely kill you too, most are hazardous. The non-hazardous glycols have too high viscosity to be useful. All would likely leave solvents on the coal and would be put into the firebox for burning...this might leave to hazardous oils being created by the system.

So a water system would be best...I would suggest making a NaCl solution or sugar solution and experiment with that to find one that would cause the separation needed. Suggest starting at 20% solids added to water and add 10% of solids if not working. I'd do the test here but I have no ash on hand. And to note, NaCl will only go into water up to 35% content, sugar is don't bother with >35% for the salt, it will just precipitate the undissolved salt.
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Hand Fed Coal Boiler: Trianco 60
Coal Size/Type: Anthracite beans

Post by carlosmanwellos » Sat. Sep. 23, 2023 5:00 pm

:clap: Wow
Thank you for such prompt detailed response David!
I shall take the time to digest this info and no doubt will be back with some feedback before long.

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Post by lzaharis » Mon. Sep. 25, 2023 6:37 pm

Here is the manual for your coal stoker.

It is listed as the TR45 but according to trianco it is also for your boiler.

Don't bother with reclaiming any of unburned coal as it will have lost
a great deal of heat value from off gassing.


.PDF | 292.8KB | trg_45.pdf

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