Chubby or Vigilant.??

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Post by WJSlater » Tue. Aug. 13, 2019 1:24 am

Which one is a better heater the Chubby of the Vermont casting Vigilant 2 ..??

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Post by Hoytman » Tue. Aug. 13, 2019 2:52 pm

Posted in the wrong sub-forum. This is the hand fired boiler forum. Try one sub-forum up from this one, hand fired stove forum, and you should get plenty of help. Be patient, it's sort of slow this time of year. Welcome!

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Post by freetown fred » Tue. Aug. 13, 2019 7:15 pm

I'd personally do the CHUBBY due to it's simplicity--BUT----------- it comes down to what/how much your heating--open floor plan or an old broke up farm house like my situation--ended up with a HITZER 50-93 & have never looked back.

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Post by ASea » Thu. Aug. 15, 2019 12:04 pm

Chubby all the way. More BTUs, easier to use and shake down, and way less moving parts. i believe the Chubby holds more Coal. You can fill from the top or the door. Customer service by Larry is second to none, you speak to the owner every time. Also the Chubby has a very effective blower whereas I believe the VC does not.

Larry will also refurbish your existing or sell you a refurbished unit if brand new is not for you.

If I was burning wood, I'd be all for the Vermont Castings product. The Chubby is so much better for Coal burning.

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Post by VigIIPeaBurner » Tue. Aug. 20, 2019 9:47 pm

Vigilant II 2310 all the way but i am just a little biased. There hasn't been a wood burning Vigilant made in decades. I must admit customer support is priceless if you are starting out and you won't get that from VC for the vigilant.

I can say the 2310 is a great heater for its size. As stated, the shaker grates are not too aggressive.

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Post by Bob500 » Wed. Aug. 21, 2019 8:40 pm

I love my chubby. Granted it's the only coal stove I've ever owned but it does what I need. It's rugged, easy to use, burns all night and the service (Larry) is great.

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Post by woodandcoal » Wed. Nov. 06, 2019 3:52 pm

I would like to get a Chubby one day but I have a Vigilant II. Burning only anthracite I can get 12 hours or more no problem as long as I keep the fly ash down. Biggest problem is the corners get full of ash and when that happens burn times drop and so does heat output. Other than that I also burn wood in it before it gets really cold and it is a great wood burner with 6-8 hours burn time. Have had the stove for over 5 years and also have a VC Resolute wood burner that is 30 years old. The older VC products are great stoves.

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Post by Eb426 » Sun. Nov. 10, 2019 10:54 am

I am biased too. I absolutely love my chubby!!
Super simple and rugged.
And Larry’s customer service sets the bar for any company out there!

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Post by Freedom » Sun. Nov. 10, 2019 2:18 pm

So what did ya go with ?

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