2016 Chubby Lay A Way Plan

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Post by ONEDOLLAR » Thu. Jan. 14, 2016 3:14 pm

2016 Chubby Lay A Way Plan.

As always... No interest, No Fees and No credit check.

The plan is simple. The stove price is divided into 6 equal payments paid over a 6 month period.

There is a 150.00 flat fee for shipping New England, NY, PA, East Coast . Stove ships once last payment is received! - Begins now ends APRIL 30, 2016

This plan is for NEW Chubby Stoves only. :D

We continue to see this plan as a "WIN/WIN" for our wonderful customers and for Chubby Stove LLC. The plan has been a GREAT success! THANK YOU to all of our Loyal CUSTOMERS!!! :D
We can work with you on a case by case basis.

For those that are interested in our "Lay A Way" plan or in Chubby Coal Stoves in general please visit our website at http://www.Chubbystove.com. There is a link on the front page to request further information. Or you can send either me or Larry a PM here at NEPACROSSROADS.com

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