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Post by Flyer5 » Fri. Oct. 24, 2014 10:39 pm

If you have a stove or furnace that was ordered and delayed it should have gone out this week. We received a lot of materials in the past two weeks and have been really working hard to get things built and shipped. Today except for boilers we have zero back log. We shipped a lot this week and I asked a lot from my employees and they delivered. My goal was getting everything out on a truck. Those of you with boilers ordered we are getting some pressure vessels next week and are delivering in the order that they were received by the dealer. We are working with our vendors more closely to avoid future delays as well. The growth this year is awesome and we are thankful for all of our customers.
Thanks for everyone's patience

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Post by Ed.A » Sat. Oct. 25, 2014 12:15 am

Awesome, so happy you guys are rocking.

Me being tied to the Firearms industry we are also feeling some love,

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freetown fred
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Post by freetown fred » Sat. Oct. 25, 2014 5:30 am

Nice Dave. You gonna be at Pappa Bears open house next week-end?

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Larry T.
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Post by Larry T. » Sat. Oct. 25, 2014 6:48 am

Congratulations Dave. As you know I don’t offer a stoker line. Whenever someone is looking for a stoker type unit I send them to Leisure Line. I wish you continued success!

Larry Trainer – Chubby Stove.

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Post by coalnewbie » Sat. Oct. 25, 2014 8:24 am

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys. I'm glad I slid under the wire before the world woke up, I love my AK180. The well heeled gentleman should not be seen in an ancient Caterpillar D7 and you should now sell it to an underpaid horse farmer.

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Post by Protrucker » Tue. Oct. 28, 2014 4:14 pm

I didn't know anything about any backlog, but I ordered my Leisure Line Pocono last Wednesday and got a call on Monday that it wasis in already. Now, I need to have time off from work to go pick it up. At latest, it will be next Monday.

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Hambden Bob
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Post by Hambden Bob » Tue. Oct. 28, 2014 7:09 pm

Dammit,Dave ! You told the Truth! That just wrecked everything.....Dammit.....You Guys know that Today's Modern Business Plan is to "Play The Game" and talk about having Business Ethics,but in Reality,Everything seems to be about Lying to Your Customers,Suppliers and Co-Workers.....Nice Job,And Nice Save !! This is what You Guys have worked so hard for. Growing Pains Hurt,So Adjust,Manage,Meter And Stay With It. ! :up:

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