Kpdorancoalsales Delivers Coal From Mallard Co. Mt.Carmel

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Post By: Kpdorancoalsales » Wed. Sep. 11, 2013 9:50 pm

We deliver mt Carmel coal from mallard cont. 8 %ash prices start at $200.00 a ton delivered call us today at 570-752-2527 or visit our website. We also sell bagged coal 50lb bag for $7.00 a bag
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Post By: LTStorm07 » Wed. Sep. 11, 2013 11:09 pm

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to drop a review for KP Doran. As some of you know, I was on the hunt for a new coal delivery this year and spent a lot of time calling breakers and different dealers in the area. I'd heard of KP for a few years, but never tried them until this year. I gave them a call and spoke to Ryan, the new owner and he seemed very nice and straight forward on the phone. I'd never heard of them on this forum, but I knew the breaker's numbers where he loaded from so I figured I'd give it a shot. I chose him primarily for the price and breaker. it was hard for anyone else to compare to his price coming from down in that area, and any who could come close was a crapshoot where they got it.
I ordered 5 tons of rice for reference. We did have to have my delivery day rescheduled to the following day, but Ryan went out of his way to deliver it to me after 5PM when I was out of work. They went the extra mile with my delivery/unload which wasn't easy thanks to my bin setup and chute angle.

While he was unloading I let him know of this forum and to stop by since he'd never heard of it. I also showed him my coaltrol since we share the same make and model stove, and he'd never heard or seen one of them either.

I would not hesitate to use KP Doran again in the future, which probably will be January or February when I typically get an additional 2 tones.

Thanks again KP Doran!

PS: This review was completely on my own decision with new influence or requests from KP Doran. Just my 0.02 review!!! :up:

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