Will a Harmon Mag Stoker Burn My Size Bituninous ?

Stoker coal boilers and hot air furnaces and stoves using bituminous coal to heat your home or business. A stoker automatically feeds coal and combustion air
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Post Mon. Dec. 31, 2007 4:25 pm

I spoke with the local Harman dealer this weekend regarding burning Wyoming Bit. coal in the Magnum stoker. He said he did not forsee any problems with the fire burning back into the hopper, based on the pusher block type of feed system they use. He said the problem is that the combustion blower is too strong, and "blows" the fire out.

I don't know about you, but I think that's a crock. I don't see that happening. Even if it did, just put a combustion fan speed controller on and slow the fan down. Can you really blow out a coal fire?

I'm interested in trying it still. Any volunteers that own a Magnum stoker out East that want to help me try this? I could mail you a 5-gallon bucket of pea, nut, or whatever you'd like. Hopefully postage would not kill me. Is 5-gallons enough?

Don't want to put anyone's home/stove at risk either. If you see danger in trying this, let's discuss it. We don't want to do this if it's dangerous. But if one was home during the entire burn and checked the stove often, that would be best. May be best to have a full hopper to burn, but postage could get bad.

This coal appears to have a very low swelling index, though I have no numbers. It does not bridge in my hand stove, no gooey melty messes. Some higher volatiles though. Lots of heat in those. Higher ash content, about 20%. BTUs at or above 12,000.
europachris wrote:The underfeed stokers work well with bituminous for several reasons. One, the pot is tapered like a tulip, so the coal has room to expand as it moves upward during burning. Second, the gasses from the fresh coal pass through the hottest area of the fire and get mixed with air for more complete combustion. Third, the design of the units actually depends upon the coal ash fusing together into a clinker around the outside of the firepot to be removed several times (twice) a day with clinker tongs.
We may lose some of the BTU's up the stack, or have more soot, since the gases from the fresh coal won't be traveling through the hotter coal like the underfed stokers.

If I get a taker, we can PM the details and then post results as we learn them.


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