Hopper Designs & Sub Bituminous Rotating Ring Stokers

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I just ordered a easy clean, stoker boiler from Pease feed & coal & am looking for information sources on hopper design and the care & feeding of sub bit rotating ring stokers. Preferably books or web sites.
I would like to build an approx. 12 yard hopper so I only have to buy coal once a year. Would like to know if some designs work better than others. If possible I would like to keep the height to 8 or 9 feet. This house is built into the side of a hill & hopper will be buried so I will be able to back a dump truck up to it.
I have absolutly no coal experiance & probably wouldn't recognise coal if it hit me in the head so I am looking for any info I can find. I do have a brother in law that burned coal up here for many years, but he moved from that house 20 years ago & also lives 60 miles away.
I do love this forum & evry time I get on here I duoble my knowledge, Thanks for all the great information

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