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Post By: winston1 » Sun. Jan. 23, 2011 11:09 am

Hello everyone,,New to the site and coal burning for home heating. I have been using a outside wood boiler for the last 4 years and I am tired of being a slave to it. These things are a lot of WORK!!! I enjoy cutting wood but not that much.
I am a 30 year industrial mechanic and maintain 3 Willcox and Babcox coal fired boilers with Detroit Roto Grate stokers producing 400 PSI steam so I have been around Bit coal for a long time in the industrial side of it.
I live in west central Indiana so using Bituminous coal makes since for me to use. Coal mines are relatively close. I have been looking at outside stoker coal boilers for Bit coal and the Coalman CM 400 looks interesting .Are any board members out ther using them? and how do you like them? I will be building a shed to put boiler and coal in away from house.
I will be heating a 42x56 well insulated pole barn with in floor heat and 1800 sq ft house and I am open to suggestions on boilers for Bit coal for this application. Thanks for any input.
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Post By: LsFarm » Sun. Jan. 23, 2011 4:06 pm

Hello, and welcome to the forum.

Get a comfortable seat, and take a look at this thread: EFM = Electric Fireman (New Project Alert)

This is a Hybrid boiler that would do exactly what you are describing that you want to do..

The other option would be to try to find an old Prill or WillBurt underfeed stoker..

Finding out what your locally available coal's burning characteristics are is very important with what type of fire box, stoker feed, and
ash handling system you want and need..

There was a test done with an EFM boiler, using a Prill type underfeed/rotating grate stoker.. I don't know if EFM is going to start to produce these
units or not. Look in the EFM manufacturers forum for the info.

I'd keep an eye open for an older unit on Craigslist or your local papers.. also, check with several HVAC companies, they may run across an old unit that is destined to be scrapped, and you can rescue the stoker and boiler/furnace for your labor..

I'd PM europachris, the engineer that did the Hybrid boiler in the above linked thread, and see if you are getting coal from the same places..

Best of luck,, Greg L

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Post By: rockwood » Sun. Jan. 23, 2011 6:50 pm

winston1 wrote:Are any board members out ther using them? and how do you like them? I will be building a shed to put boiler and coal in away from house.
Forum member markc has one and he installed it in an out building.

Check out this thread.
Pics of Coalman up and Running on Ky Bit

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