Petite Godin 3721

Very popular in the 70's and 80's there is many brands of smaller hand fired coal stoves from many European countries. These can also date back to the turn of the last century. Imported stoves would include such brands as Franco Belge, Saey and Efel among many others.
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Hello all--new to forum here. like many others have been looking at this site for awhile as I have been considering placing a coal stove in the living room area. having just bought/not yet picked up a godin 3721 here's the question. I have searched the internet for owners/op manual for this stove with no success. The previous owner burned only wood so has no info on coal burning with this. It IS fire brick lined from the top down to the shaker grates,(with the exception of a grate behind the front door which drops down( for cleaning I presume); but I came across a site (R.E.E.) which has part of a manual (no pics)for the newer petit godin-3731's which states the "fuel tank" must be removed for wood burning. This is NOT an oil stove being described, but somewhat of a poor translation from French I believe. Still I don' t know what this fuel tank is - am I missing a part necessary to burn coal in my 3721, or is this something that applies only to the newer 3731's? Any help from petite godin owners would be appreciated!!! THANKS---George

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Can you post a picture? we love pictures.

I had a Godin for a short period of time. I never used it for heat. I do not recall any option that required oil. Did you use it? It is an excellent design and will give good heat in a small room.
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Do you have the original French?
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I am rebuilding a #3721 with orange enamel right now. It is only a wood and coal stove and was used since 1978 by a friend of mine here in Denver, Co.

I found an owners manual on the web. Here it is. ... cument/242

There is also a parts site in Canada but I don't have that immediately available.

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It refers to a different model stove which has a hopper for the coal. Not for your model.

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The Petite Godin 3721 is the coal/wood version of the Godin 3121 wood stove. The manual is available on the Godin website ( but only in french. Use the site's search box to find 3121 or 3721 to get to the manual. If your stove is a coal burning 3721 it should have a small plate on the bottom of the cylinder near the back that reads:

No. 3721 FAB 0C

The model number, a code for the fabrication date and the French roughly translates to "Stove that burns wood and everything"

In the manual for the 3121 you will see some gray sections that refer to the modifications for the coal burning 3721.

I have found the best source of parts is in France, the stoves are still popular there. Some French web sites will ship smaller parts here.

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