Mallard coal mine

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CoalJockey wrote:
Tue. Jul. 03, 2018 4:25 am
It’s not really a viable option at this time, the only coal that is currently coming off the strip operations at Broad Top is for steam use and not so much house coal. Generally speaking it can be used for house coal but the trouble with the Broad Top seams is mining it and keeping it clean. The coal seams themselves stand up nearly on edge, thus making it very difficult to keep it separated from the rock. There are certain seams that will do well for house coal but the supply is likely not consistent and would vary from one load to the next.

With bituminous coal it’s sometimes hard to have your cake and eat it too. Obviously we want the highest BTUs but it’s hard to get that at times without a whole lot of gas too. Run of mine is awesome for the price, it’s all that the old timers ever used but it needs to be free of rock. Once you start into coal that has been cleaned, sized, and prepared then you are talking more $$$ and getting closer to anthracite prices. You get the drift...

And I know we spoke about the cobra mine coal. But I couldn’t remember where the other coal
You sell is from. I hear Somerset area has good bit.

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So, help us understand where sub- fits in...

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Back in the late 80's I remember purchasing a few hundred ton of semi -anthracite from up in Lopez, Pa. to blend in for an overseas order.

Here is an old link I found on it. Semi-Anthracite Near Bernice, Mildred and Lopez, Pa


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