Can Kentucky Coal Approach the Properties of Anthracite?

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Berlin wrote:good eastern KY bit will burn easier, longer and with more heat and less ash than anthracite. good bituminous coal won't produce clinkers so that's really a non-issue, and KY coal is "free-burning" so it doesn't bridge or melt in the firebox. try it out, you'll probably love it, many people I know have actually switched from anthracite to good eastern KY bit coal at similar and even higher prices.
Where do you get good eastern KY coal? I live in RIchmond, KY

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A good place to get good coal is in Wrigley,Ky.Which is south of Grayson,Ky.On rt #7&#711.That's were I've went this year.S.M.J is the name of the place.

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Do you guys know if Kentucky Lump coal could be burned in a Heatmor Outdoor boiler - we are burning nut and stove anthracite now with excellent results in our Heatmor with 4 1/2 ft firebox

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