Inkbird controller help S260 coalgun

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Post by jrv8984 » Sun. Dec. 17, 2023 8:27 am

Been having some problems with unburnt coal (RIE) (its been making a pan of ash/unburnt a day)

Anyway i was playing around with some settings this past week (ashing temp and hysteris), Saturday morning I turned the grate off for about 8 hours and was close to an out fire.

I think I accidentally changed some settings that I shouldn't have 1st the grate wouldn't turn off, then it wouldn't turn on.

Could someone share the settings from an inkbird controller? Specifically the output (oP) settings for ctrl and run.
As well as the alarm settings (ALP) for alarm mode?

I believe that the rest of the settings are irrelevant for this application, but I may be wrong.


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Post by StokerDon » Sun. Dec. 17, 2023 9:02 am

I had Inkbirds on my Axeman Anderson. Here are the IP and OP settings I used.
IP menu.
SN = y (Thermocouple type).
SC = 0.0 (Temp Offset).
DL = 0.
OP menu.
Ctrl = On Off.
H-C = Heat. If you have this wrong it will turn ON when temp rises instead of OFF.
Run = Currently Auto but I don't think it makes a difference.

Here's a video where I did some explaining.


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Post by swyman » Mon. Dec. 18, 2023 3:42 am

I have copied Stoker Don's Inkbird controls and this year even added one for boiler control in place of the aquastat and is working out very nice. His video's are very informative and explains (in detail) how to setup.

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Post by jrv8984 » Mon. Dec. 18, 2023 2:15 pm

Thanks for the video, I seem to have the ashing grate working now

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Post by Retro_Origin » Mon. Dec. 18, 2023 9:02 pm

If the Inkbird is faster to respond why does it run at a lower temperature than the stock anthrastat? If the stock unit has some delay in reading temperature and is set at 140, it kind of implies your MAX allowable temperature is near 130-140 but the inkbirds are known to be in the 105-110 range, this seems backwards to me?

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Post by Lightning » Mon. Dec. 18, 2023 9:05 pm

I always thought that 140 on the anthrastat was too high. When I was using one I set it around 115-120, if I recall correctly lol

I run the inkbird at 115

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Post by Jkohanski » Thu. Jan. 18, 2024 8:56 pm

125 to 135 on my s260 for the most part has served me well.

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