Adding an Oil Gun to a Harman VF3000

Stoker Coal Boilers automatically feed the coal and have controls and pumps just like any conventions boiler. They are intended to be used as a primary heat and often have domestic hot water coils as an added bonus. They can be set up independently or in dual sytem with your existing oil/gas boiler. They can accommodate both hot water base board or steam plumbing.
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Can I use my Beckett oil gun from my oil burner on a Harman VF3000? I may have a line on a VF3000 but I don't own one yet. And I thought I would use coal for summer hot water production as it would be a nice way to take some dampness out as well but, how warm will it make it from waste heat? Presently, my 2400 square foot basement with 7 foot ceiling stays around 63 degrees all summer which is nice when working in my shop and I would welcome the drying out with the trade off of warmer conditions as long as it does not get too warm. Any thoughts?

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