KA-6 boiler keeps going out

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Post by nepacoal » Tue. Apr. 02, 2019 9:17 am

linkman2448 wrote:
Tue. Apr. 02, 2019 9:04 am
My KA-6 has separate motors as well. The secondary keeps running but the primary keeps shutting off when the boiler is cycling. I thought if I had a motor issue, it would trip out and need to be reset but it just stops running even though the thermostat is calling for heat.
Something is definitely wrong then... The only time the stoker/primary fan should cut out during a call for heat is at high limit. When the fan and stoker do run, does it look normal? Maybe your triple aquastat is having issues.

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Post by lzaharis » Tue. Apr. 02, 2019 10:01 am

linkman2448 wrote:
Mon. Apr. 01, 2019 10:39 am
Thanks guys. I had issues with this batch of coal burning this year and the only way I could get it to burn better was slowing the feed down and decreasing the air from the blower. I also added doubled the amount of pins in the timer so that hold fire timer would turn on every ten minutes instead of 30 earlier this year when we had a warm spell in order to keep the fire lit. I haven't checked control settings with a multimeter yet. Can you tell me what readings I should be looking for?

What timer do you have? Is it the Intermatic 30 minute timer or a Tork timer?

I have my hold fire timer set to run 12 minutes every thirty minutes in this way;

4 minutes at zero time
2 minutes at seven minutes
4 minutes at 15 minutes
2 minutes at 22 minutes

I still have outfires when the weather gets warmer at times without a heat call and I need to buy more pins and add more pins.to the 2 minute settings.

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