Help Need Parts for an EFM 350 Stoker

Stoker Coal Boilers automatically feed the coal and have controls and pumps just like any conventions boiler. They are intended to be used as a primary heat and often have domestic hot water coils as an added bonus. They can be set up independently or in dual sytem with your existing oil/gas boiler. They can accommodate both hot water base board or steam plumbing.
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Stoker Coal Boiler: efm 350
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Hi I'm new to the forum. Looking for parts for an efm 350 that I've been having some trouble with. I need the two plates that the blower bolts to and the one the auger pipe runs through. I was wondering about the studs that attach the plates to the base box as well, are they pressed in or welded in? A few of them have sheared off and I would like to replace them. Also does anyone know the inside diameter of the auger tube, I need to run to lowe's for a piece of pipe as I only have the pipe that attaches to the pot. I am located in Minersville, PA. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the coal forum, look under the furnaces/boilers/etc for sale items,member Glenn Harris, Scrapper are 2 that might have what you need or can direct you,good luck. & they are fairly close to you.
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Visit Alternate Heating Sytems

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Auger pipe is 2" schedule 40.

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Get some 1/8 flat sheets of metal drill your own holes and and the same for the worm tube also uses 3/8 bolts to hold then to the base your not going to remove them unless a major problem has occurred
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Those are 1" x 5/16" weld studs. You can get them online or from Fastenall. They are $.75 each. They weld in easily enough. The sides are only 1/8" plate. Use the old ones for template if you have them.
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