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Hi Guys.
Tomorrow morning I am picking up a new to me Tarm coil boiler. The previous owner states that it is a 303. it looks like some of the pics of a 303 that I have seen but does not have a combustion fan. It has the old style chain to the door on the bottom. A friend of mine has a 404? that he burns wood in and after seeing it in action I am looking forward to the 303.

Any info would be great as I can't seem to find much. I'm currently running a firepower coal furnace, I was planning on running duct work but now realize hooking the 303 in with EXISTING baseboard is going to be much easier(don't know what I was thinking before)
Some questions that I have is:
previous owner ran wood so inside is full of tar/creosote. What's the best way to get that crap out?
what's the best way of getting ash out? there isn't an ash tray
what's the general opinion on Tarm and 303?
any tips would be great too.

Thanks in advance for any replies. This is such a great site to learn on.

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Visit Alternate Heating Sytems

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gixxer wrote:previous owner ran wood so inside is full of tar/creosote. What's the best way to get that crap out?
A rip roaring coal fire should turn it to ash/scale and it would flake off easily. ;)

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