Need to Heat a Small Section of My Home - What to Buy?

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I live on Long Island, about 2 miles from the water so it can get a bit chilly during the Fall and Winter months. My oil for my house is at a capped rate of $3.00 per gallon. Like the rest of us, trying to save a few bucks if possible. I have a splanch style house with 3-zone heating and a programmed thermostat for the main section (first floor) of the house.

I am looking to purchase an in-room heating unit that will keep the living room area warm so I do not have to turn on or raise the thermostat like I must do in order to keep warm. The area I am looking to heat is approximately 25' x 30' or 750 square feet with standard ceiling height.

Budgets are tights but for the right unit I am willing to spend several hundred dollars IF it works. In the past I tried a few of the forced air type space heaters but they did absolutely nothing unless I was sitting 6 inches away from it. I am not that handy and do not want to install anything permanently into my home since we maybe selling within the next 6-9-12 months.

Any advice, suggestions, websites would be greatly appreciated.



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Honestly I can't think of anything for you that will help substantially with what you mentioned. my question is do you have a chimney in the area? And not being a handy person means if you pay any kind of install fee that alone will blow your budget with labor being the price it is.The only idea for space heating is a propane type heater that is wall mounted that can be bought at lowes or home depot.

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Part of the key to this, is being able to close this room off from the remainder of the house or isolate it. Hopefully the thermostat is in this room. Once that is done, you might get a Vornado electric space heater **Broken Link(s) Removed** (read the reviews and go with the VH-2) and run it in this room. This scenario will leave the remainder of the house chilly, but will allow you to heat this room to a comfort level.

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Yes, I can close off the rest of the house. I have accordion doors leading to the basement and doors for the other rooms. The bedroom is upstairs and is on a separate thermostat. The room I am looking to heat separately does have its own thermostat.

I will certainly look into those two units

I appreciate the feedback

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