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Post By: NoSmoke » Sat. Oct. 14, 2017 7:13 pm

Yes it was just a precursor to surgery.

I am scheduled a week from Monday, October 23rd, 9:40 AM.

I did not realize removing all of the Thyroid was so dangerous, but while the surgeon tried to steer me away from a full removal, I think it is best. It is not just about taking all of it while he is there, it has to do with a secondary issue with my Pituitary Gland that is also not functioning. I have two related, but unrelated problems; if that makes sense. A full removal will make me 100% dependent on medication, but means predictable moods too.

In short the left side HAS to go...no question there, but the right could stay...it has a tumor, but could stay. Either way I will be dependent on medication for the rest of my life, the only difference is how much I take. Since by body cannot seem to regulate my hormone levels, I want to rid myself of that problem, any potential future cancer, and take the greater surgery risk. As the surgeon told me, they don't pay him to remove thyroids, they pay him NOT to cut your vocal cords or windpipe.

I don't have faith so much in the surgeon, as I do in a loving God that will only give me what is best. Best might be living with a mechanical voice as odd as that might sound, or best might be ridding me of this issue I have unknowingly had for years.

It is kind of like Daniel in the lions den; the story's ending would have been the same had the lions ate him, or they kept their mouths shut. "Best" can be either deliverance or difficulty.

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Post By: KingCoal » Sat. Oct. 14, 2017 8:16 pm

yes the keeping hand is just as glorious as the delivering one. the point isn't how long we stay on this plain but if we are ready for the presence when we leave.

i'll be holding you up,


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