Oil Prices Still Falling

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Post Sat. Sep. 12, 2015 10:02 am

I think I called the bottom of this decline but then it rose a little again and did not yet return to the $1.70 level and I did not buy oil. There is one fundamental problem and that is the planet has too much crude oil sloshing around and that issue remains and will get worse.

GS is calling for $20 oil, not that their prediction is worth a damn. Interesting times indeed. I was getting set up to repair my long idled oil CH system (the plumber is too expensive). In fact my Honeywell L8148A aquastat is on my dining room table as we speak. Sure enough the back of the circuit board has a failed solder joint - another $.50c fix, hence saving $599.50. However, I am not planing to switch it on as things stand right now and so obviously I am suspicious that somewhere, somehow the powers that be will keep oil prices up. So the bottom line is my AK180 starts up Oct 1 (min=2) and we go forward from there.
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