UMICO Stove No 210

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New member here, does anyone know about this stove. My father gave it to me and wonder if I fix it up and try to use it or just go buy a new coal stove. I'm using a Jamestown pellet stove till winter is over, then going with coal for next winter. Let me know out there, thank you

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Hi, and welcome to the forum. Before restoring that stove, consider the condition of the cast ion, any cracks?, shaker grate, lid missing?, clearance to combustibles for proper installation, chimney condition and size and the fact that it is not an air tight stove. I don't know if there is any parts available for this stove, but there maybe some that will fit. Look at for starters. Depending on replacement parts availability and the purpose of, or expected use of, or personal attachment of the stove and the money you to have to spend, would be your deciding factors.

I would look at another coal stove first. The burning of the air tight coal stoves are much longer. If a hand fired stove is what you want, there are a lot of great ones on the market. Since you are going from an automatic pellet stove, you may be disappointed. I would look into a stoker fired coal stove. You will be much happier. The cost is more and it also uses electric, so it won't work when the power is off, just like the pellet stove, unless you have back up power.

If you decide to restore the potbelly stove, take it completely apart, clean it up, and reassemble it with new fire cement. Replace any parts of course that are needed or in question. Give it a fresh coat of high heat stove black paint and it should look new. Since you are going to burn coal, don't forget to install a barometric draft regulator between the stove and the chimney connection. This will allow for a controllable fire and prevent over drafting or over heating of your stove.

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Post Sat. Feb. 07, 2009 10:28 pm

That stove was made by Unicast Manufacturing Co of Boyertown, Pa.
I got one just like it in the basement. I'll give you mine, then you can have
a matching set.
They burn coal just fine if you want to babysit it all day. Getting the ashes
out is a real pain also. I burned mine a few times just to get the hang of
burning coal. That was about 30 years ago.

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