Modern Glenwood F No. 207 - Restoration Help & Advise!!

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Post by samham » Fri. Jun. 23, 2023 3:48 pm

Hi All, newbie to antique stoves here and first post to this forum!

I have a Modern Glenwood F No. 207, dated 1909 on the parts, that I am REALLY trying to restore to as close to the original state as possible (to respect its past). This old gal has been in my husband's family since day one, and it was passed down to us a few years ago when we bought our house. This stove was sitting in a shop for well over 30 years before we got it, and she was desperately in need of some love. I finally got the nerve to start bringing this beauty back to life, and I have become obsessed!

Here's the fun part. We live in middle Georgia and nobody around here knows anything about these old stoves. Everything I know about this stove, I've actually learned on this site, so THANK YOU! I am looking for ANY information on this stove, how to use it, where I might be able to find the last few missing parts besides eBay stalking (see photos), and I'm assuming this is a coal stove... but in all honesty, I wouldn't know how to tell. I would love to see this stove fully functioning again, and I would be SO GRATEFUL for any help or information you can provide!!

I've added some photos to show the before, where I currently am in the restoration process and a pic. highlighting the missing pieces.

Thank you!!


Glenwood Before.jpg
.JPG | 457.9KB | Glenwood Before.jpg
Glenwood Front.jpg
.JPG | 441.3KB | Glenwood Front.jpg
Glenwood Left Side.jpg
.JPG | 452KB | Glenwood Left Side.jpg
Glenwood Right Side.jpg
.JPG | 438.5KB | Glenwood Right Side.jpg
Missing Pieces.jpg
.JPG | 450.4KB | Missing Pieces.jpg

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Post by Sunny Boy » Fri. Jun. 23, 2023 7:39 pm

Welcome Samham.

The Model F was one of their Glenwood's smaller ranges. Same as my Sunny Glenwood, which shared many of the same parts as the Model F. We need to see pix of the grates to know if it is a wood-only range - or if it has actual coal grates (which can also be used with wood).

We have three members that are stove restoration shops that do a lot of Glenwoods, so they may have parts.

Wilson Mull - wilsonswoodstoves. 508-763-8941
Dana Lapan -
The Antique Stove Hospital.

To answer every question you'll have about using a coal range (and some you haven't thought of yet), try reading the "Cookin' With Coal" thread here, Cookin' With Coal


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Post by D.lapan » Thu. Jun. 29, 2023 5:15 pm

I just took a 207 F apart for parts 2 months ago, give me a call.

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Post by samham » Tue. Jul. 04, 2023 6:16 pm

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the help!!

Dana, I just saw your post about having some parts for my little stove. I didn't want to bother you on the 4th of July by calling, so I sent you a text (hoping that is a cell number). I have a 478 area code. I can't wait to talk to you, and I'll try calling later this week if I don't hear back. :D Again, THANK YOU!!!

Have a happy 4th!!

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