Champion No.1 Restoration (any UK members who can help?)

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Hi everyone.
Ive recently bought a Champion No1 coal range that I plan to install in an off grid cabin.
I believe these are a UK brand, but I am based in New Zealand.

Ive since stripped it down and examining the parts.
Largely its complete and in good condition for its age (over 100 years old, probably late 1800s/early 1900s)
I cant find any parts diagram for this, but not surprising for its age.

There are a couple of plates that have warped due to age and are cast iron.
Im looking at whether these can be somehow straightened, or else make a new one out of thick steel plate, or use it as a pattern and go to the foundries to cast another?
There are a couple of spots in places that have rusted away but could be welded up to repair or patch them.

But im hoping there may be assistance from UK members who have worked with these stoves and may be able to source replacement parts. I need a flue damper and the bypass lever I question if its all there, but I can get photos of these parts in due course.
I had to cut in half some of the long bolts to get the thing apart too, but hoping I can find some new ones as they were pretty rusty and warped.

See the photos attached. I will post updates on my progress in due course, and provide photos of parts in question that need repair.
.JPG | 170.1KB | IMG_20221016_125355.jpg
.JPG | 206.1KB | IMG_20221016_125452.jpg
.JPG | 207.5KB | IMG_20221016_125504.jpg
.JPG | 338.8KB | IMG_20221016_125607.jpg
.JPG | 316.7KB | IMG_20221016_125612.jpg
.JPG | 328KB | IMG_20221016_125616.jpg
.JPG | 320.4KB | IMG_20221016_125621.jpg
.JPG | 370.2KB | IMG_20221016_125700.jpg
.JPG | 399.5KB | IMG_20221016_125710.jpg
.JPG | 303.2KB | IMG_20221016_125748.jpg

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