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Post by gardener » Fri. Jan. 24, 2020 8:27 am

I have noticed that on free standing stoves and inserts the only color schemes I have seen are black stove paint / polish with mostly nickel trim and some copper or gold trim. The only exceptions I can recall are the GemA insert Paulie has in hand to work on for one of his customers, and some oak stove with what looks like red enamel paint that is probably for display only.
.JPG | 104.4KB | redPremium.jpg
I had seen a black and white photo of a pot belly stove that was white in the middle section until I realized it is probably just the stove polish burned off from the heat. I am least fond of the cannon style, but with the two tone look it was much more appealing.

I have seen many ranges that had a variety of paint schemes, often enamels.

I thought I found some examples of free standing stoves when I came across these in a Craigslist posting, yikes!
but whomever they are they turned these into liquor cabinets, then nice paint schemes: ... 77350.html
.JPG | 151.1KB | 00m0m_9mzYCBH9Aqs_1200x900.jpg
.JPG | 91.7KB | 00Y0Y_loePsIuIu20_1200x900.jpg
There are quite a number of color options in high temperature stove paints, I imagined there might be a picture of someone's antique stove that has something other than stove black, and being used as a stove. Perhaps the variety of stove paints marketed to modern stove owners?

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Post by Donb » Fri. Jan. 24, 2020 9:06 am

Black radiates more heat than white or any other ‘color’ for that matter. Flat black is the best.

That’s why you will not see a white radiator in an automobile.

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Post by joeq » Fri. Jan. 24, 2020 9:28 am

I believe the lack of colors on these stoves is due to the high heat conditions the paint is exposed to. The ones that are shown above I don't believe get used for heat, but decorations only. Our member Randy had a stove years ago, that he painted some details on the scrolling cast into his stove. I don't remember what brand it was, but he did an excellent job with it. I have often thought about painting the areas on my G111 around the doors, and high lighting the emblems for the lettering, but as of yet, I haven't made the time. I'm on the fence with taking away the originality of the stove, on the other hand, it's only paint, and can be repainted back to black. I've seen a lot of cook tops with colors on them, and they look nice. All in what you like, I guess.

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