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Learn the ins and outs of designs that date back to the turn of the last century. Whether you are looking to restore an antique stove or have questions about modern reproductions you'll find the answers to your questions here.
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Post Thu. Apr. 27, 2017 5:59 pm

Was up at my buddies lake house he just bought and in the basement was this cool stove. Previous oowner burned wood in it. Looks like it could hold 50# of nut no problem.

Does any one know anything about these stoves? Did a cursory Google search and didn't find much

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Post Thu. Apr. 27, 2017 6:52 pm

Great looking stove. There's some bits of history on the web about Union Stove. Looks like the made a lot of stoves for the Rail Roads.

Here's a link to a Pinterest picture showing it with the small feet where the pairs of holes in the base are in your buddies' stove.

So many stoves - so few chimneys. I must be coal-stone crazy.

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