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So I visited a guy about 1 1/2hrs from me who collects all types of old things like cars, heat stoves, cooking stoves, farm equipment ect.........He is selling off some of his stuff so I decided to take a trip to see what all he had to offer. When I arrived he took me into one of his outbuildings and showed me his mass collection of stoves. Some of the stoves he was keeping and others he was getting rid of. Out of all the stoves he had I really wanted to take home a Florence hotblast 151 can and a half. It was so unique I hadn't seen one like it before. Of course it was one of the ones he wasn't selling. But as I kept looking I found a couple Moore Airtight Stoves. One stove is a 403 the other is a 402. They seemed to be in great shape. All of them trim is with the stoves including the original finials. I checked out the 403 because it was the larger of the two. The firepot is in excellent shape. I couldn't find any cracks on the stove inside or out. He is asking 800$. Its the balck and silver one in the picture. Its in my ball park in terms of price but I want to make sure its not too high of a price for the stove. In the first picture was a pretty cool little stove. I didn't get the name of it but it was a little baseburner and I think it was made in Cleveland?. He wanted 700$ for it. He actually had two of these stoves also. If I had the room I would take both the Moore 403 and the little baseburner. My wife wouldn't be too happy though. So what do you think about the Moore 403 stove. I have checked online and they look stunning once restored. I also think the capacity is perfect for what I need. The firepot was 15in which is exactly what I was looking for. Anyone have experience using this stove? I have access to bit coal if needed. But would prefer to use anthracite.

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If she's in good shape & she'll fit your needs, what else could matter?
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Nice looking stove.

While 800 is not a "steal", from what you describe, it's not unreasonable either. If it's in ready-to-use condition, or just needs some minor work/clean up, I'd say that's a fair price. Especially so if that's what you want. ;)

Does it have all the operating tools/handles and ash pan ? Correct shaker handle being the most critical. If not, those can add cost,.... if they can be found. The ash pans can be made - our own member Freddy does some nice ones - but again, that adds some to the final cost. Did you see any coal buckets that maybe he'd be willing to throw in as part of negotiations ?

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[quote="freetown fred"]If she's in good shape & she'll fit your needs, what else could matter?[/quote

The price is my only concern. But it seems that the price is ok. I think im gonna go pick it up.
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The Moores 403b uses the same slotted firepot as the other stove you were looking at. It's designed for Bituminous coal.

Moores Air Tight Heater 403b#p551449

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Looking for a base for a Moores 403B - would your "Guy" have parts?

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