Rathbone & Sard No.38 Base Burner & Royal Stewart Oak 171

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Post Sun. Mar. 24, 2013 7:51 pm

Hi Guys - I have a line on a Rathbone & Sard No.38 base burner stove .

The owner says it's 95% complete.

Does anyone know anything about these stoves? I know Rathbone & Sard were one of the top Albany/Troy makers. Obviously, it's a very complicated stove, but it appears to have been apart and reassembled. What model Wherle would it be comparable to?

I actually knew a member of the Sard family years ago. He was a friend of my father's - a real character. When a boy in the 1930's, he used to travel to the Homestead Hotel in the family's private rail car.

On another point, I picked-up the Royal Stewart Oak 171 yesterday. I'll be posting more pictures in a day or so. I'm very pleased with it. It's a less ornate version of the Stewart 270. It doesn't have the vertical fins on either side of the loading door. It does have prismatic grates, a small crack and hole in the bottom and it's missing the iron frames which hold the mica sheets in the double door openings. Other than that it's complete. I'm very pleased with it for $225. The owner had held onto it since 1978.

I love antique coal stoves - I have the disease - Chris
Royal Stewart 171M.JPG
Royal Stewart 171N.jpg
Rathbone & Sard 38A.jpg
Rathbone & Sard 38B.jpg
Rathbone & Sard 38C.jpg
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Rathbone & Sard 38E.jpg
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