Keystone 11 Baseheater

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Post By: LsFarm » Sun. Feb. 17, 2013 11:35 am

Hi Earl, thanks for the comments and welcome to the forum, I just read and posted on your 'Favorite' stove thread..

When you get time, could you post a photo or two of your little 'Columbian Joy' stove?? I'd like to see it's configuration.

I really only 'want' a small heater, my new section of house is very well insulated and tight.. I will have to build a chimney to
be able to use any stove.. I only have one fireplace, and it has a very low lintel about 24" off the hearth/floor. And this fireplace is
in the older rarely heated portion of the house.

I do have a location picked out for an interior chimney, but I'm not too fond of the idea of starting another big project right now..
I might just hire it done, but more likely wait till I'm enthusiastic about breathing drywall dust and paint fumes again.

Look here to see why: My Current Huge Project I'm still recovering and finishing bits and pieces.

I have some refractory on its way, but I probably will look into having the firepot recast first.. I'm really not sure if
I will be able to turn down the heat from this stove low enough to use it without the windows open.. Just having friends over and cooking
creates enough heat that the rooms heat up a few degrees, even in winter..

Thanks again.
Greg L

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