Hotblast Year 8

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Hand Fed Coal Stove: Warm Morning 617-B
Hand Fed Coal Furnace: Hot Blast 1557M
Coal Size/Type: Bituminous nut (me and the coal)
Other Heating: Propane Kerosene

Post by larryfoster » Sat. Dec. 03, 2022 9:01 am

warminmn wrote:
Fri. Dec. 02, 2022 1:24 pm
Ive used these forever. I can get 2 years out of a pail if I put indoors in the off season. They have a larger version for a couple dollars more. ... ens%20pail
Thanks, warminmn.
Those look too small for my shakings.

I'm satisfied with the size of what I'm using, just not the durability

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Hand Fed Coal Furnace: custom and ussc hot blast
Coal Size/Type: Bit coal, nut to stove, sum fines
Other Heating: wood/ propane, heat pump

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THink i got the right section. is a ussc hot blast coal furnce worth the 2.6k investment ive pourd over reviews and watch alot of vids but real wourld exp the best. looking to burn wood and coal in it. my diy unit killed on coal consumption last year and wood to. is the hot blast nice on fuel use? need about 10 to 80000 btu an hr depending the wi weather. Got a ton of bit coal. And the price was very ouch at 330/ton. plan to mainly use coal for over night heating. then wood for the day as most of the fire wood can get cheap is pine. Plz help.

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