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Post By: gambler » Wed. Apr. 30, 2008 9:30 pm

I was looking for those drawings of your stove design and I can't find them on the forum. On another thread I was looking for some orchard heaters and I thought that instead of buying a heater that burns fuel oil I might be able to build one at a reasonable cost that will burn bit coal. I can get bit coal local and at a cheap price. The heaters that I would like to build would need to put out about 80 or 90 thousand BTU's and have about an 8 hour burn time and be somewhat compact in size. These heaters would be burning outside and all of the heat from the stove and the stack will be put to use because I would be heating the atmosphere. I am open to all and any suggestions. A cylinder with a grate? I don't think that I would need a shaker grate because of the short burn times that I am talking about? A pipe from the stack back to the fire box for hot air above the fire to burn off gases? Let me have your opinions please.
Thanks for any input!

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Post By: Richard S. » Thu. May. 01, 2008 10:52 am

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