Legend Bituminous Outdoor Stokers

Hand fed coal boilers and furnaces using bituminous coal to heat your home or business. Hand fed stoves as the name implies require manual feeding and air adjustments.
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Post Wed. Mar. 19, 2008 11:25 am

Anyone have any experience with these?
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They look interesting. Also have an optional ash auger system.

A guy about 30 miles from me (in Wyoming) is heating his pawn shop with about 4 tons per month. The building is about 8,000+ sq. feet, and I don't think it has any insulation. At $40/ton for our coal, that's pretty cheap.

Steinke in WY

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Post Wed. Mar. 19, 2008 2:46 pm

It reminds me very much of my Iron Fireman stoker... I looked on the website for an exploded-view or parts diagram, but couldn't find one.
It is mentioned that it is 'a chain drive'. I'm not sure if that is for the motor/transmission or if it is for the coal delivery.. I'm assuming it still uses an auger to push the coal to the burn pot.

If I had your Bituminous coal with the low swelling index, and low price and close proximity,, I'd be burning it for sure.. I have the stoker, and the boiler... but Bitum is roughly $120/ton delivered, and good anthracite is $200 delivered.. so putting up with the hassle of bituminous from my area, [soot,swelling and clinkers, high ash, etc] just isn't worth it..

But I believe your Wyoming Bituminous would burn just about as easily and reliably in an underfeed stoker as anthracite does in mine.

as the saying goes.... location, location, location.... :? :D

Greg L
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Post Wed. Mar. 19, 2008 8:27 pm

LsFarm wrote:It reminds me very much of my Iron Fireman stoker...

I thought that looked awful familiar.
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