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Hand fed coal boilers and furnaces using bituminous coal to heat your home or business. Hand fed stoves as the name implies require manual feeding and air adjustments.
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dont know how big house you have but mine is 1100 sq ft and I have a tlc 2000 as well and last spring when I got it installed I was only burning 15 lbs and it was in the 20s at night and 30s day

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I know this is an older thread but I am trying to get some information. I have another thread going as new coal burner but thought I would ask here since the type of coal is the kind I will be burning... Live just north of Healy Alaska and looking to get a coal stove... new to this burned lots of wood but never coal... looking at a Harman TLC 2000 and a Hitzer... opinions please...

Looking for a stove that looks good and relatively easy to keep house clean...demands from the wife
Looking for long burn times so I can be away from work
most efficient as possible

Also would consider other types of stoves... have heard you need the ability have air over the fire to burn this type of coal properly... just amazing that the dealers really do not know much about it yet they say they sell lots of them to those of us near Healy.

Any help would be appreciated


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This is often repeated here because it is important. You are not going to find a new stove that is designed to burn the coal you have available. You might find something that stumbles along but will be very wasteful and labor intensive.
The best stove that is still widely available is a Florence Hot Blast or a Warm Morning.
Stoves were once specifically designed to burn specific fuels. Stoves like base burners are made for Anthracite, for example; and nothing else.
A Florence Hot Blast is specifically FOR bituminous and sub bituminous coal. They even had special grates for burning lignite as well. They provide superheated secondary air right over the fire to burn the gas. You also have a separate damper to exactly control how much air to give it.
Restored Florence stoves are expensive, but; they are very common as 10's of thousands of them were sold in bituminous burning regions of the country.
If it were me that's what I would get hands down. They are worth every cent.
Florence Hot Blast.

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