Estimated Yearly Savings by Using Coal

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Post Wed. Jan. 06, 2010 8:52 am

paulsferg wrote:just got propane today,only for cooking ,paid3.56 per gallon.,sure glad thats all I use it for,planning on burning 5-6 ton from nov.1 to may. efm 520,loving it.
A guy in my area just got his tank filled @ $4.27/gal. He deals with Suburban which is known for gouging.
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Post Wed. Jan. 06, 2010 1:53 pm

my house is aprox. 1700sq ft with a full basement.iwhen I built the house 1999 fuel oil was aprox 2.00 per gallon . in the winter of 07 my last fill up was 4.79 a in fall of 08 I bought a k-6 stoker(from alot of advice and suggestions here).
i usually used between 900-1000 gallons of oil for heat and domestic hot @2.69 per gal oil is now I would spend aprox 2500.00.last year I burned aprox 5 1/2 tons @ 220.00 per ton for a savings of around 1300.00 .so at this rate my 4500.00 invesment for the bolier will pay for itself in 3 1/2 years.but the house is much warmer now also 69-70 all the time.

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Post Wed. Feb. 10, 2010 12:01 pm

I reported last year:

I locked in on oil this past August at $4.39/gallon. That was a mistake so I had to do something. Being in the heating and air conditioning business, I bought a Biasi 3 Wood/Coal burning boiler and all materials to install it wholesale for $3500. We normally burn 1200 gallons of oil per year for heat and hot water which equals about $5300. We first burned wood this year at 270/cord and burned 2 cords then went to coal at 300/ton and just finished the first ton 1/18/09. I will use another 3 tons at 300/ton and have the oil burner shut off. If you do the math, I should break even the first year and hopefully make some money next year!!

Well now it is next year!! I will burn 3- 4 tons for heat and hot water and I normally burn 1200 gallons of oil.

2.73/gallon x 1200= 3276

269/ton x 4 = 1076 looks like a savings of about 2200

Thank God for that because business is slow and that sure helps with the mortgage and feeding 2 teenage boys which is equal to another mortgage!!!
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Post Tue. Feb. 16, 2010 4:23 pm

This season I spent about $2.00 per day for heat. My house is rather large, and it was usually between 66-71 degrees, plenty warm for us. I have oil hot water for backup. I bought my last coal for this season, 3/4 ton for $115.00. I get about 35 5 gallon buckets out of 3/4 tons, I use about 1 bucket per day.

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Post Sat. Feb. 20, 2010 12:56 pm

I knock out about one tank of oil. Right now, that's about $525. I only burn 1 to 1.5 ton of coal a year and that's running $260/ton.

It doesn't look like a lot but with oil, the upstairs is 65* and there is no heat whatsoever in the basement.

With coal, the basement if 75*-ish and the upstairs is 72* or so. I shudder to think what the oil bill would be to do that!

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Post Sun. Feb. 21, 2010 8:52 am

Two years ago I spent almost $3000 in propane to heat my 2900 sq. ft. home. This is my second year using nut coal in my Clayton 1600M. I will use about 8 of the 10 tons I ordered to heat my home running me about $1000. I love it but will probably upgrade the furnace to an Alaska or Leisure Line stoker next season simply to do away with the two times a day I need to tend to it. I am hoping to only tend to it every three days.

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Post Sun. Feb. 21, 2010 9:06 am

Hello Everyone, Thanks to all you fellows out there I will have burnt about 4 ton's of coal this year at 200.00 a ton ( roughly $800.00 ) to help heat my house all winter!!! Big saving's from the oil!! Even if I would burn 5 ton, still big saving's!! Plus I havent burnt a drop of oil all this winter!! ( That's the best part of it!! ) I want to Thank You all for getting me and through this coal burning experience!! You fellows are the greatest!!
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Post Sun. Feb. 21, 2010 9:35 am

I am almost through my 5th ton since Sept. 20th. That is about 1 ton per month on average. At $300/ton it is still 2.5 times cheaper then my propane. I still have to install a recirc. loop to make it more efficient to boot. Very happy.


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Post Sun. Feb. 21, 2010 9:51 am

October start this year, 4.75 tons so far @ roughly $1,500 cost.

#2 Oil estimate of 190g per ton of coal = 902.5g

902.5 x $2.60 gal = $2346.5

Savings of roughly $850.00 or almost 2 tanks of heating oil.
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Post Thu. Oct. 14, 2010 8:15 pm

I know this is an old post, but I never posted my savings: I paid $245 a ton last year (which is ALOT) and used 2 tons to heat my house all of last winter. It was always a balmy 72 to 78 degrees. I live in a well insulated, 1700 square foot colonial. I never compared, but $490 to heat my entire house the whole fall and winter? Its a no brainer!! Especially considering the house has electric heat, which we never need to use!!

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Post Sun. Nov. 28, 2010 2:23 pm

Can't speak for this year yet, but last year I bought a MKI Harman used for $600.00. Used 3000 lbs of coal for a total cost of $950.00. My 1865 farm house used an average of 90gal. oil per month Oct. to April. 7 months=630 [email protected] $2.25 a gal. $1400.00 plus.
I replaced the MKI with a MKII for this year. I only have a net investment of $400.00 in the MKII( sold the MKI to a friend for $500 to help him out) and plan on 2 tons of nut @ $200/ton. Now my friend thinks I am the greatest guy ever since the oil company took their hand out of his pocket. And we are both WARM!
Ken S.

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Post Fri. Dec. 17, 2010 2:42 pm

My 3000sf+ home is all propane; hot water heater,boiler, washer/dryer, stove.
I was paying about $6,000 a year before I started burning coal.
This is my third winter burning, and it looks like I've cut the propane bill in half.
Saving $3,000/year+/-, plus I really like the whole stoking routine. :)

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Post Sun. Dec. 26, 2010 4:58 pm

Lets see, I used to go through about 700 gal of oil a year. Now I go through about 3.5 tons of nut at 250/ton and I keep the house a lot warmer (71-73F). 2700 sq ft two level ranch with average insulation. Going on third year with coal, prices have not changed so I guess probably about 40% cheaper than oil depending on what oil's going for.

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Post Sun. Dec. 26, 2010 5:13 pm

Since my coal boiler died last week I have been watching the hour meter I installed on my oil boiler. Doing a rough degree day calculation, it works out to 40-50% savings by running the coal boiler. The colder the average temperature, the greater the savings (less idle losses). My wife has also informed me that the oil boiler is loud, and the floors are that is worth some $$ too.


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Post Sun. Dec. 26, 2010 5:23 pm

markviii wrote:Since my coal boiler died last week I have been watching the hour meter I installed on my oil boiler. Doing a rough degree day calculation, it works out to 40-50% savings by running the coal boiler. The colder the average temperature, the greater the savings (less idle losses). My wife has also informed me that the oil boiler is loud, and the floors are that is worth some $$ too.

You have made three excellent points here. 1. Coal saves you money. 2. Coal gives you a higher comfort level and 3. Keeping the CEO happy is the most important point of all.

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