Flue cleaning

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Post by tcalo » Sat. Jun. 25, 2022 2:38 pm

My stove is disconnected, cleaned and the flue is swept! I’m ready for another heating season. I had a Metal-Fab system for years. Not a bad product but getting parts was a bit of a pita, and warrantied items were damn near impossible to replace. We moved last year and the stove was a new install. After some research I decided to go with Selkirk. The parts seemed easier to get and install and I liked they were made in the USA!! I have two 4’ double wall ss sections out of my roof and the top section seemed quite pitted on the inside for only a year in use compared to the Metal-Fab system. Granted, Long Island weather is hard on metal parts! I use snap lock single wall interior pipe and rarely have issues with it. I usually just sweep and store them for the summer. I decided to coat the inside with motor oil this year after sweeping them, I hope it helps keep the rust at bay! I may do the same on the exterior pipe!

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