Cardboard Gaylord Boxes

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The more and more I think of building a coal bin in my garage the more I find that it will be a pain in the butt where it will be located.

I can get four very large cardboard gaylord boxes at work and of course gaylord bags that fit into the boxes and probably easily get a ton of coal in each, mind you I would have to get a floor pallet jack to switch the four boxes around, but I think it might work out better since I just added a garage door to my shed which is in front of my garage so I will have no problem having access to them.

Any pros or cons of this method? I think the only negative aspect is when I get to the bottom of each one, but then I figure I could cut a hold in the cardboard for easy access. Since the gaylords are just meant to be a temp. item.

Plus the more and more I read the coal bins post I think an outside coal bin is the way to go anyway. But I already have a lot on my plate to even considering building that this year. Maybe in the spring...


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If I'm thinking of the same boxes we use at work, they are about 4x4x4 and are very heavy duty. As far as holding the coal, I think they would work. The only problem I can see is when coal is delivered, it is usually wet. This will soak into the cardboard and make it soggy and it may burst. Don't want to see anyone get hurt not to mention the mess it would create. If the bags will hold the water without leaking I think they would work fine. As you said though, when the box gets down below half way or so it will be hard to get the coal out. I think they will work well as a temp. setup.
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