Connecting Stove to Flue Pipe

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waytomany?s wrote:
Wed. Jan. 25, 2023 9:15 pm
In my stove the pipe is intended to slide inside.the stoves exhaust collar. I would guess yours is the same. My manual.says to use that size pipe to chimney. So you would use the 3.14 to the chimney, where you meet your code 5.9 to top of chimney.
hi man!
i finally understood the law text, so as my stove exhaust collar is 3.14" i can use 3.14" pipe but not under. (same as Pellet stove)
they talk about 5.9" pipe and not under just for today's wood stoves as they have standard exhaust of 5.9".

i was thinking to buy à 904L/904L double wall pipe but too expensive, so i will buy à 3.14" 904L/316L pipe 26 feets high and I will pack empty space with insulation, it should be alright.

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