Help With Stove Pipe on Econo

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Hi all, First post here. Just bought a Leisure Line Econo with direct venting, I'm planning on installing it in the same corner that I had a gas fireplace installed so I could use the same hole going through the wall. To do that I need to run the stove pipe out the back of the stove into the baro then into a 90 deg. then straight up about 16 inches then into another 90 deg. then into the power venter. Doing it this way would bring the stove pipe to about 6" from the wall that is painted drywall. This would be the best and easiest way for me if it were safe. The other way would be straight out the wall with a 45 deg. into the venter but would be more work and a bit more difficult to maintain the venter during the heating season. Things are kinda tight in that corner so I can't really pull it further from the wall. I need to know if I need to worry about clearances or do I need to put up a non combustible wall. Over the last few weeks I have been doing a lot of reading on here to help me decide what stove and coal was best form me and I see a lot of smart people here. Hope I can get some help with the install. Thanks, John :D
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you could come off the stove with a 90, install the baro in the vertical pipe, turn 90 an go into the wall, this would help keep most of the pipe away from the wall.

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Look at the tag on the back of your stove or in your stove manual at the clearances. LL requires a min of 12" between the stove pipe and the wall. The only way to make this distance smaller would be to use double wall stove pipe or put up a non combustable heat shield. Having said that, I can tell you that my single wall stove pipe never went over 275-280 degrees even when the stove was running at max.
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