Can I Use Existing Oil Burner SS Chimney for New Coal Boiler

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Post By: BuckShot » Wed. Sep. 23, 2015 9:37 pm

For those who may be interested, here's an update...
I spoke with the folks at Penn Keystone and Eric at Coopersburg. Both were very friendly and helpful, but Eric is capable of customizing pallet weight/height and delivering it on a flatbed instead of a van body TT, so I'm going with him. I spoke to him today and he offered me a ton of advice - everything from the size of coal to burn to how best to store the coal outside and even had helpful advice on how to get the most "leverage" out of the loader on my tractor. Great guy! :up:

Thanks to everyone for your recommendations.

I also solved my problem with offloading 1 ton pallets using my puny Kubota - my dairy farmer neighbor has graciously volunteered to spend an hour offloading pallets with his big, new JD green machine using the new pallet fork attachment he just bought last year. Another great guy. I just have to give him a couple more weeks, if possible, so he can finish getting his corn in. So I'll be calling Eric in the morning and initiating the coal order.

And finally, our new Keystoker boiler is getting delivered tomorrow! Now I just have to get it downstairs and get my electrician/plumber contractor buddy to install it before it gets cold.

Thanks again folks! :)

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Post By: freetown fred » Wed. Sep. 23, 2015 9:53 pm

Nice BS. Sounds like a plan. :)

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